This site is not secured with a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) which uses the https:// protocol so your browser will show this site as unsecured. However, there is no need to worry as this is a read-only site. You do not have to register to use the site, this site does not use cookies and there's no forms to fill out. Therefore, securing the site would be a monstrous task for no gain.

In case you are still concerned, here's a note from the website that specializes in web site construction. On their page for converting a site from http:// to https://, they state as follows:

"Moving to SSL requires you to do a number of things over and above your usual work. If your site doesn't actually need SSL (eg, you have no order forms), and it is already well-established in its HTTP form, it can be easy to keep putting it off, since it's a lot of extra work for, at best, very little gain."

My site has been well established since 1995 so you can imagine the work I would have to do to convert all the links and pages to an https:// protocol ...and really not getting any advantage out of it. So, just keep in mind that, despite not using the https:// protocol, your privacy is secure and your visit here is safe.