A game of global domination in a post-apocalyptic world
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70 years have passed since the people of the world blew themselves up in the nuclear firestorm of WWIII. Since that time, the survivors - and their podigy - have re-developed nations, cultural ideals, believe systems, and their own way of doing things. And those differences have developed into animosity among neighbors to the point where warfare is, once again, accepted as a solution to gather resources and get rid of the other guy. Apparently, us humans never learn. Thus begins WWIV.

If you've ever played Risk or Supremacy: The Game of the Superpowers, you'll find WWIV to be somewhat similar in concept and game play. It can be played with from 2 to 6 players with each player beginning with 10 armies and control of 4 nations including the control of a homeland area of nations (known in the game as regions). Food, fuel and ore are the currency used in the game and players will have to juggle the expenditure of these resources to find ways of gaining larger productions of these resources. This can be done through developing non-producing regions, taking control of other regions through warfare, using specialists to develop and build an air force and navy, increase production, train special forces, jet fighter pilots and navy commanders ...all while trying to hang on to what you have. Eventually, players may also begin developing nukes and laser defense systems and the ability to recreate the glories of a nuclear holocaust all over again.

This game is currently in production with no release date set at this time but, unless it gets too complicated for me to develop with the current version of the Vassal engine, it shouldn't take more than a few months. You can follow the progress of the game, as well as several screenshots, by visiting the WWIV Development Journal at my forum.

If you've like to help playtest the beta version of WWIV, drop me a note and I'll put you on my playtest list.

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