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SUAP Mod Features

The SUAP V3 mod is a culmination of many of the things I've been wanting to have mods do for about 2 years of playing COD:UO. The SUAP mod uses AWE as it's base but much of the code has been re-written. You will also find snipets of code from the GOM Extreme mod and my thanx to both AWE and GOM Extreme for providing me with enough code to learn how to read it and write it myself. I've had no prior experience working with this type of code before so my changes may be sloppy from a programmers point of view but hey ...they work!

Please Note: This mod is unstable on Linux servers. I've tried my best to get it to work on GameServers.com without problems but it will crash a couple times a day - or more - for no apparent reason. I highly recommend getting a Windows based server company to host the SUAP mod.

Features you'll find in the mod include:

Everything that was in the original AWE 2.1 mod (except those features that I've re-written and modified)
Almost all weapons have been replaced with a modern weapon. Those that have not been
replaced have been modified for style and sound.
Colored smoke grenades - use alt switch
All .30 cals can be used while standing, running, etc. ...although not accurately.
All the weapons are less accurate from the hip but deadly accurate down the sites. Bring 'em up!
All Sniper Rifles have zoomable scopes using the alt switch between 1x, 2x and 3x.
The G3A3 and the AK47 have a bayonet attack instead of a melee.
The Uzi and the MP5 have attachable silencers - use alt switch
TNT has massive explosive power compared to the old satchel charge. I'd get out of the area if I were you.
The RPG-7 Rocket Launcher has a zoomable scope
The HK G36 Assault Sniper has a 2x zoom scope in Semi-Auto mode
Updated hud graphics, skins, menu screen graphics and many other bits of eye candy
Updated most sound clips including vehicle sounds, voiceovers, taunts, grunts, etc.
Extended scoreboard display with a heavy metal soundtrack
Occasional artillery barrages of two types:
  Random artillery - mortars just scatter everywhere
  Rolling artillery - mortars will begin on one side of the map and walk across to the other side
  Artillery barrages will be preceded by an "Incoming" alert and an "All Clear" alert when they finish (except in DM)
Extreme weather conditions which may include thunder and lightning
Destroyable flak 88 cannons (except in SD and DEM)
Adjustable speed for jeeps and tanks
Hold the Flag mod included in package
Players no longer spawn on the wrong side in Sniper maps
Plane flyovers now include a variety of planes instead of just Stuka's. They still crash, too!
More control over the occurrence of plane and bomber squadron flyovers
A system for using alternate map dimension values if you have a custom map that crashes the server
Gamestate limiter system
Game type support for:
  AWE Capture the Flag (on most maps supporting TDM)
  Base Assault
  Behind Enemy Lines
  Capture the Flag
  Demolition (on most maps supporting SD)
  Headquartes (on most maps supporting TDM)
  Hold the Flag (on most maps supporting TDM)
  Last Team Standing (on most maps supporting TDM)
  Search & Destroy 
  Team Deathmatch
   Other game types may be supported by AWE, as well (see AWE readme included in package). However, these other game types were not addressed and/or tested while designing this mod.  Merciless options were also NOT tested with this mod. Use at your own risk.
An extensive amount of documentation to help you in running your own server.
Access to the Map_Settings_Library which contains a HUGE amount of map specific information.
Easy to understand configuration files and a complete Cvar list
Hours upon hours of enjoyment (grin)

For more features included since the mod's initial release, see the Release_info.txt

SUAP Mod Download
The following link will provide you with a complete version of the SUAP Mod v3, including the Server side of the mod. Also included is an extensive amount of information that will help you get your server up and running. Once downloaded, please see the "PLEASE_README_1st.TXT" for mod information and rights of use.

Note: By downloading this mod, you agree to NOT re-distribute the Server Side portion of the mod. If someone inquires as to where they can get the mod, send them here. I prefer to do it this way so that they may get all the info and, more importantly, a clean, non-altered version of the mod. Thank You!

SUAP MOD PACKAGE v3 Release 04

For those of you that downloaded any of the previous releases, you can download the updated files here

SUAP MOD Update Release 04

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