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   Location - Upstate, NY, USA
   Game Strengths - Anything to get the job done
   Weapons of Choice - Anything that shoots out bullets ...but I do like sniper rifles.
   Experience - Extensive modding for UO, COD4, and World at War. Currently working on Black Ops.
   Hobbies, Interests - Computers, driving my mustang, running gas power remote control cars & boats, being outside just having fun!! Spending time with my 2 boys when they have the time for me now!!!!!!!!!! lol. Also I enjoy playing all the cod games and love to mod the game and do the artwork, working with Adobe Photoshop. I love the band Kiss and I'm a huge Kiss collector.....i also enjoy playing the guitar.  
E-Mail - PM me on the Forum
   A.K.A - Mandi (Amanda)
   Age - Old enough to be the mother of many of you - eat your vegetables!
   Location - Denver, CO, USA
   Game Strengths - Skulking about
   Weapons of Choice - Bolts Baby!  Semis and nades.
   Experience - Admin, modder, and clan leader for a number of servers.
Hobbies, Interests - running with scissors, leaving all the lights on, drinking milk from the carton, slamming the screen door and dating guys named Spike that drive a van.  Movies, reading, my children (two girls) and photography.
E-Mail - lacegamer@comcast.net
   Age - 20
   Location - The Netherlands
   Experience - Modding, scripting, clan leadership.

   A.K.A. - Nostromo, Dr. Nostromo, Fritz Goot, Zett Riff
   Age - 55
   Location - Wine Country, California (...and if I do drink, it'll most likely be a beer. Go figure.)
   Game Strengths - Remote satchels, evade & disappear, never being where you think I am, strategy & tactics
   Weapons of Choice - Single Shot Rifles (no scope), Low-End Machine Guns, Grenades, Satchels
   Game Weaknesses - Run & Gun game ...I don't dance well.
Experience - Modding, scripting, and admin for UO (creator SUAP Mod based on AWE), clan leader for the NMBnuts (3 years), extensive organizational skills. 
Day Job - Postal Carrier - Collections (No ...I don't own weapons and I'm not disgruntled)
Hobbies, Interests - Games - Computer & Board (playing and designing), Computers (Certified A+ Tech). I enjoy violent games, violent movies, violent books, and violent music. Yet, paradoxically, I'm one of the most non-violent people you're ever likely to meet. I simply have no temper.
Home Page - Doctor Nostromo's Home Page
E-Mail - DrNostromo@DrNostromo.com

Age - 64
Location - Michigan
Game Strengths - I'm a sneaky bastage
Game Weaknesses - I can't shoot fer chit
Experience - Been playing since the game came out
Day Job - Happily retired carpenter
Hobbies, Interests - People ask me what do I do now that I am retried. Fortunately, I have a background in chemical engineering and am able to convert beer, wine and margaritas into pee  
Home Page - I am homeless. I live in a van down by the river
E-Mail - ramsey.fred@gmail.com
Other - ahh what other???

   Age - 24
   Location - Amsterdam
   Game Strengths - Psycho...
Game Weaknesses - Psycho... 
   Experience - COD:UO
Day Job - Guitarist 
Hobbies, Interests - Music, Chicks & Booze