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Official Public Beta Release with Complete Rule Book

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What is "To Be King"?

"To Be King" is a game I've been developing, on and off, for over 15 years - up until now, as a board game.  I've been playing / designing games for close to 40 years and I've always enjoyed the fantasy role-playing format.  In fact, I was a Dungeon Master for AD&D for well over 10 years.  With the advent of new technology (in particular the Vassal Engine), I've now been able to develop it into an Internet based multi-player strategy/adventure role-playing game.

This online Vassal version of the game has been in development since July, 2007. It is now being released publicly as a beta version. This beta version is missing a lot of automation that I would like to have but at the time of its release, my knowledge of manipulating the Vassal engine was limited. My knowledge of the Vassal engine has improved greatly and future versions will be much easier to use. It's also missing a good deal of artwork.  

Inspired by games like Dungeons & Dragons, Wizards, Talisman and Avalon Hill/SSI strategy games, I've developed a game that has the role-playing fantasy adventure characteristics of D&D and the cutthroat strategy & tactics characteristics of a war game as players battle against each other to become ruler of the kingdom.

The game can be played with from 2 to 8 players. Each player develops a character with a multitude of attributes, abilities, and traits and each will go on a quest to find a specific object. Once found they return the Object which gains them the ability to advance towards the Great Throne. The last player to sit upon the throne when all other players die, wins. While players are busy with their quest, they also must develop armies and conduct warfare to block their rivals from making it to the throne while trying to keep an open path for themselves. Players will need to effectively juggle resources, finances, territorial control, independent personnel, and warfare, while trying to keep themselves alive amid a bunch of other hostile players and over 1000 possible random events ranging from adverse weather conditions to some kick ass creatures.   

This game is best played online as a group using voice communication (Ventrilo, TeamSpeak, Skype, etc.). Much like the grand campaigns that can be found in AD&D, this game is intended to be played over several game sessions with the overall campaign running roughly 10 hours per player. It's a complex game requiring a lot of thought, strategic planning, and making the most of the opportunities that present themselves. Even the world is built from scratch prior to game play making each game completely different. See the Game Features & Screenshots page for more info and game highlights.

Speaking of art, the game is currently missing many pieces of art and could use your help. Check out our Art Gallery of contributing artists and find out how to submit your own art.

You may want to drop by the forums to ask questions, report problems, read announcements, advertise scheduled games, or just chat and become an active part of the "To Be King" community.

The best feature of the game is that it is free!.  No trial versions, no crippled software, no nag screens, no registration requirements, no anything. It is truly 100% free!  Drop by the Download page for your copy.

TBK will continue to be improved, expanded, and automated. Check out the Development Journal to see what's in store for future versions.

Thanx for dropping by and I hope you like the game. Feel free to contact me via E-mail and you may be able to find me on Skype as dr_nostromo.

©2008 - Rich Johnston. All original art used by permission. All rights reserved.

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