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A card game of fantasy, adventure, strategy, and opportunity

Site last updated 12/13/2015
Official Alpha Release with Complete Rule Book
(Version 3.0a9)    

What is "To Be King"?

"To Be King" has become a hobbyist's life long project spanning 25 years, mostly in various board game versions but now as a collectible card game (CCG), as well.  I've been playing / designing games for over 40 years and I've always enjoyed the fantasy role-playing format.  In fact, I was a Dungeon Master for AD&D for well over 10 years.  With the advent of new technology (in particular the Vassal Engine), I've now been able to develop TBK into an Internet based multi-player strategy/adventure role-playing card game.

I did release a previous board game version but my knowledge of manipulating the Vassal engine was limited and it came out rather poorly. In fact, I'm so disappointed in it that I have rendered it no longer available. My knowledge of the Vassal engine has improved greatly and this new card game version will be my most worthy achievement to date with updates for both the CCG version and a board game version planned for the future.

Inspired by games like Dungeons & Dragons, Wizards, Talisman and others, I've tried to develop a game that has the role-playing fantasy adventure characteristics of D&D without the need for a game master as players battle against each other to become ruler of the kingdom. The game can be played with from 2 to 6 players. Each player develops a character with a multitude of attributes, abilities, and traits in the form of card decks and each will go on a quest to find a specific object. Once found they return the Object which gains them the ability to advance towards the Great Throne. The last player to sit upon the throne when all other players die, wins. Players will need to effectively manipulate their cards while trying to keep themselves alive amid a bunch of other hostile players and over 1000 possible random events ranging from adverse weather conditions to some kick ass creatures.  

This game is best played online as a group using voice communication (Ventrilo, TeamSpeak, Skype, etc.). Much like the grand campaigns that can be found in AD&D, this game is intended to be played over several game sessions. It's a complex game requiring a lot of thought, strategic planning, and making the most of the opportunities that present themselves. Since there are somewhere around 2000 cards, and virtually billions of combinations of things can occur, each game campaign is totally different making each replay of the game a completely new adventure.

Currently, the game is in alpha testing, although fully functional, and will remain exclusive to a specific group of players for our own amusment and because it's loaded with borrowed artwork, without permission, from the internet ...and I certainly can't afford to have artwork created for 2000 cards. So, unless I happen to run into a particularly ambitious individual or individuals that would like to make some stunning artwork for the game, it will remain non-distributable as a public module to protect the rights of the artists. However, if you would like to be part of our happy bunch of adventure game players and become a member of the TBK Group, feel free to become a member. We could use all the players we can get.

Also, feel free to drop by the forums to ask questions, report problems, read announcements, advertise scheduled games, or just chat and become an active part of the "To Be King" community.

Thanx for dropping by and I hope you find this intriguing enough to become a part of our little community of adventurers. Feel free to contact me via E-mail or send me a note via Skpye - Note: send IM only with reference to TBK or gaming or I will block you.

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