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Becoming a Member of the TBK Group    

We'll be glad to invite you into the TBK Group provided you follow a few simple rules.

1. Do not distribute the TBK CCG module. The module is full of artwork borrowed, without permission, from various places on the internet and the game is intended to be used privately by the TBK Group for our own amusement and to protect the rights of the artists. A public version with appropriately legal artwork will be released in the future once alpha testing is complete.

2. If you have friends they you feel would be a nice addition to the group, have them come by the web site, read what you are reading now and submit an invitation request. Please, do not automatically invite them. Sending them here allows me to properly update our group membership records and files.

3. When you submit your request, feel free to include an avatar and any information and/or links you would like to include on the Members page. Also include where you live so we can properly set your clock. We loathe spam and you'll never get any from us. Nor will we ever share your private information with any other party for any reason short of a court order.

4. When your request is received, you will receive an invitation to join a DropBox folder. If you are not familiar with DropBox, it's a program that allows various parties to have a common folder between all of their computers. Any change made to this folder by anyone within the group is automatically replicated on all the other computers. All of the TBK Group files - including the TBK CCG mod, the Vassal engine used to run the mod, the rule book, Ventrilo client, etc. - are included in this folder so you will automatically be up-to-date at all times. If you do not currently have DropBox installed, the invitation will include a link on where to download it. DropBox is considered one of the most secure file sites on the Internet and is completely safe. Certain virus scanners have been known to trigger during the DropBox installation. This is a FALSE positive. Ignore it. DropBox is fine. If you have any questions, run a search on DropBox security.

5. There is an official TBK Ventrilo server available for voice communication. There is a Ventrilo_and_Website.html file in the TBK Group files with links,  instructions, and login information for using the Ventrilo client. It also shows the status of who is currently in the Ventrilo server. Of course, you can use Skype, Team Speak, and other chat software, as well, to voice chat during a game. The Ventrilo server is only being made available for your convenience as an alternative voice chat system. It currently has 15 slots and is the preferred chat system used by the group.

6. Be nice to our fellow gamers. Help to make the game enjoyable for all and NEVER, EVER, CHEAT!!!

If you'd like to be a part of the TBK Group, send your request to Doc.

2015 Rich Johnston. All rights reserved.