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Here's a series of sample screenshots to give you an idea of what the game looks like during play. Click the pic for a larger shot. Graphics are blurred in these screenshots to protect the rights of the original artist. They are obviously not blurred in the private, TBK Group version of the actual game.

Here's a shot of a player viewing the stats and descriptions of a male and female character of different races to determine which one they would like to use as their game character.

Along with choosing a character, a player gets to choose a talent card to add to their decks. This shot shows the four choices being presented to a player and they are currently reading the description for the Skilled Fighter.

Here's a shot of the Dragon clan's side of the card table after they have selected the male Orc. You'll note that they begin the game at the bank and there's a small race icon sitting on the bank card. This area is known as the terrain box and shows the type of terrain the character is currently in. Everyone starts at the bank as it's assumed everyone has just deposited funds provided by various investors and supporters ...anywhere from $2000 to $3000.

Here's a shot of the player's hand after they have drawn their cards for the next round. You'll note that the number 8 card slot has a circle around it. This indicates the number of cards the player must have at the beginning of a round. They may find items later that will allow them to carry more cards in their hand ...like a hiker's pack or a donkey. The green border cards with a compass in the upper left corner are travel cards and players may play them to go to a specific location rather than travel randomly. Other cards shown here are a talent (Sneaky), a racial talent (Enslave) and a collectible (Breene Pass).

Here's a shot of the statistics for our male orc, Glug the Gross. You'll note there are five major attributes: power, psychic, swift, skill, and social with each one controlling a number of minor attributes. If also shows other info like hit points (HP), alignment, arcane points (AP), and funds (spending money).

Here's a shot of a game in progress. Things to note include: The Shadwerl (Sun clan) has a Mountain Guide (Companion) "in play" to help in mountainous terrain. The Orc's (Dragon clan) race token has been moved over to the Dwarf's (LIon clan) location as the Orc confronted the Dwarf on the last round. The Achnaroid (Pegasus clan) has a Packer talent "in play" to give him additional cards in his hand. He has also just encountered an Angry Goat so it looks like he has a fight on his hands.

Here's a close up of the battle going on between the Achnaroid and the Angry Goat. The Achnaroid has played his Acute Senses racial talent to help prevent the goat from surprising him. This also shows the combat computer that is currently being used to roll up the results of various steps in the combat process.

Each player has a status window which shows their travel status, travel interference (in this case you'll note that the halfling is losing turns), special item status (the halfling has a boat somewhere in her card decks), health conditions, and the status of their quest.

Here's a portion of the travel tracker which players use to keep track of their progress. There are several regions the player must travel through (only 3 are shown here: the Mariah Lowlands, the Mariah Midlands, and the Waterway). Since it's still early in the game, everyone is still on the first leg of their journey as noted by their clan shields. You'll note that the Dragon and Lion shield is in the same location on the tracker as we pointed out earlier, the Orc (Dragon) confronted the Dwarf (Lion) on the last round.

Here's a view of the marketplace. Each of the vendors will have something for sale and the items will change on each round. If a player takes a fancy to some item that's up for sale, and they have the travel card for that vendor, the can play that card to go directly to that vendor and begin dickering on the price. You'll note the Healer is short on stock, at the moment. Either she has nothing for sale or another player has already purchased what she had available for this round.

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