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The latest version of Trivial Wars is currently being tested and should be available soon. The original public beta version (0.9) is still available but it's over 2 years old and not very user friendly. Also, much of the play system and rules have changed dramatically since then so you may wish to wait for the new version to come out. However, if you're really interested in seeing the older version, here it is.

To run Trivial Wars, you'll need a copy of the latest Vassal engine. You can get that here. It will be listed at the top as an announcement and there are links to Windows, Apple, and Linux versions.

You will also need the Java runtime files. These can be quickly updated by going into your Control Panel, selecting Java and telling it to update. If you've never installed Java runtime, you can get it here.

And last, but not least, you can download the original public beta version 0.9 of Trivial Wars here.

Unzip the package into a folder of your choice. Make it easy to find. I would suggest  c:\TrivialWars or c:\TW

Read the file "Read_1st.txt" in the Trivial Wars package for information and operation.

If you'd like to be notified of updates and other important news, request to have your name added to the Trivial Wars Mailing List or drop by the Trivial Wars Forum. I do not spam and your E-mail address will not be transferred to any other party.

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