1 Introduction   1.1 Game Requirements   1.2 Best Play Suggestions
2 Operating Trivial Wars   2.1 Tools Needed   2.2 TW Game Package   2.3 Running Trivial Wars   2.4 Playing Online   2.5 Saving a Game     2.5.1 Ownership
3 The Battlefield   3.1 Rule Conventions   3.2 Automation   3.3 Menu Icons   3.4 The Gameboard
4 The War   4.1 Preparing for Battle   4.2 Game Round     4.2.1 Events     4.2.2 NRZ Phase     4.2.3 Turn Phase   4.3 Question Types     4.3.1 Orb Questions     4.3.2 Star Questions     4.3.3 Gem Questions     4.3.4 Combat     4.3.5 Going For the Win!   4.4 Other Locations
5 The Combatants   5.1 Active Player   5.2 Questioner   5.3 Stealer   5.4 Selector   5.5 Loser   5.6 Zonker
6 The Weapons   6.1 General Zonk Info     6.1.1 The Player Hand     6.1.2 New Round Zonks     6.1.3 Zonk Free Zones     6.1.4 Oops!
7 Miscellaneous
Appendix A Category Lists   A.1 The Complete List   A.2 Oddball Images
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Trivial Wars was inspired by a love of trivia and a need to make a game that was a little more interesting than just a test of useless knowledge by throwing is some strategy and player vs player competition. Players will need to accumulate points and gems by answering trivia questions while attacking, Zonking and generally irritating other players to prevent them from doing the same. ...and they must accomplish this in an environment that may change from round to round. 

The game is intended to be played using existing decks of trivia cards (like Trivial Pursuit cards) and you'll note the game board is sorta similar (but not really) to the original Trivial Pursuit. Card sets do not need to be the standard 6-category Trivial Pursuit style cards - in fact, there's some interesting variations with these oddball decks - but they do need to be included in the Trivial Wars category lists. For a complete list of card sets that can be used in Trivial Wars, see Appendix A.

Here's a few of the biggest differences you'll find in Trivial Wars that you won't find in other trivia games. Players will be able to keep secret cards (called Zonks) that they can use (known as hurling) at various times of the game to create havoc or improve their position. They may also attack other players to steal points and gems. Special events may take place at the beginning of each round which may change the game environment. Players may be able to steal points by answering questions the original player failed to get, etc.

The object of the game is to be the first player to accumulate a set number of points, gems or a combination of both and then answer two game winning questions. Good luck!

In order to play Trivial Wars, each player must have at least one set of trivia cards whose category lists are included in the game. The players do NOT have to have the same trivia card sets.

The game has a Category List display that will list the categories for dozens of existing card sets. See Appendix A for a list of card set category lists currently built into the game. As I receive information on other card sets, I'll include them in future versions of Trivial Wars.

The game can be played with from 3 to 10 players. The length of a game really depends on how good the players are at their trivial knowledge and strategy skills. Jeopardy level players can probably get through a game pretty fast while the rest of us may take a few hours. Basically, you should count on a game lasting more than one game session.

Voice communication is essential for playing Trivial Wars. There are several voice communication programs that allow you and your group to communication online such as Ventrilo, TeamSpeak and Skype. You're also welcome to use my Ventrilo server when playing Trivial Wars. Ventrilo information is available by request.

Now that I've gone over the requirements, here's a few suggestions to get the most out of Trivial Wars. Note that these are just suggestions.

Mix it up! Use a shuffled stack or box of cards from several different card sets. This will provide a wide range of trivia topics and categories. The Category List display in the game can be easily changed for each new question so players can always see what the available categories are.

This game was made with large groups of players in mind and it's best played with at least 4 players and the more the better.

If you want to play the game but you don't currently have any trivia card sets, visit your local thrift stores, flea markets, and garage sales. You'll be surprised at how often you'll find trivia card sets and the prices I've seen are usually in the $2 to $5 range for a set of second-hand cards. I use over 30 cards sets, myself ...most of which I picked up second hand.