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Whole cities lie in ruins. Entire countries laid waste. Over 5 billion people dead, used for food, or for genetic mutation experiments. Situation: Hopeless. Can you handle it, hacker?

Welcome to the official site dedicated to the orginal Hacx, the cyberpunk commercial Doom II total conversion, it's overhaul project - Hacx 2.0, and Nostromo's Doom 2 projects which are available in the downloads. Hosted by Nostromo, maintaned by the Hacx 2.0 team.

Latest news

3 December 2012

Jim Lynch, the main composer responsible for the original Hacx soundtrack has just announced that the soundtrack DVD is now available for purchase - it features all 22 songs re-mastered using high-end synthesizers. You can get it at CreateSpace.

- Cage

27 July 2012

As you can see the website received a facelift and the content is a bit more ordered now. As for Hacx 2.0, I can say we're getting close to completion texture wise, which means that actual mapping can really gain some momentum! Be sure to check out the site every now and then, we'll be sharing news and media more often.

- Cage

19 December 2011

Hacx is still in production. Unfortunately, we lost the old forum for those of you who may have been keeping track of the team's project. DRDTeams has been nice enough to offer us forum space for continued chatter and development on the new versions of Hacx. Since DRDTeams is a Doom community, this new forum should promise to be much more active. See you there!

- Nostromo

10 October 2010

Here's something that hasn't happened in a very, very long time - new news for Hacx! As you can see the website has been completely rebuilt and Xaser and company have released the new version Hacx 1.2. This is not a full rebuild release. That will be released in the future and will be quite similar to Hacx 1.0 and 1.1. The biggest difference at this time is that it is now a standalone game, i.e. you do not have to have Doom II to play it. To read all the skinny on this release, check out Xaser's official notice at Doomworld. This release will render the previous versions obsolete and they will no longer be available from this site. However, all the old screenshots and web pages will remain intact for historical purposes.

- Nostromo