Hacx downloads

Hacx 1.2 IWAD (7.4 MB) [ IdGames ]
Updated version of the classic Hacx. This release is a stand-alone IWAD that does not require DOOM II to run, and is compatible with many popular ports. Release also includes several minor map fixes since v1.1 (making levels fully co-op compatible) and other miscellaneous tweaks.

Protean Cybex - Map 16 (1.1 MB)
Protean Cybex, map 16, created by the head of the new HacX development team. This map will be included in Version 2.0.

Nostromo's Doom 2 projects:

STRAIN includes 32 new levels, all new music, and a complete story which carries through the levels. It also contains 100+ new textures, and many new baddies, weapons, graphics, and sound effects. This is the updated version which fixes port specific map bugs.

Nostromo's Run (114 kB) [ IdGames ]
Nostromo's Run takes place in an isolated station aboard some alien planet. The base was used for fighter training and mutant entertainment and features a large arena.

Lynx (50.5 kB)
A wad that was inspired by Edward Castle who ran an Atari Lynx page - level based on the the shape of an Atari Lynx.