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This is a hobby. I make no income from this ...nor do I want to. I provide this free entertainment because I'm retired with a lot of time on my hands, and it's fun. I've had people mention that my site is very "vintage" and "old school". Well, I like simple. I get so tired of the in-your-face advertising, automatic drop-down menus, auto-play videos and page layouts that can be so confusing they require a road map ...not to mention all the information they're collecting on a visit and the unnecessary cookies they're shoving into your computer. This site is completely safe - no ads, no cookies, no collection of visitor information, no registration and easy to navigate. It's simply a fun place to browse around.

My thanks goes out to my fans who have sent me letters of support for the site (as well as talk movies, music and games) and I'll continue to keep things updated on a daily basis for as long as I can. Remember, keep smiling, playing, laughing, loving and having fun. Because, if you take life too seriously, you're missing the point. Enjoy!

If you have concerns with your browser indicating this site as unsecured, reading this statement should put your mind at ease.

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Over 1550 quick and concise movie reviews, a complete, accurate and extensive
Avengers Timeline Viewing Order and we also have a Random Movie Recommendation button! Updated daily!!

Featured film of the moment - Changes daily
A site for all 12 seasons.. no, wait! 13 seasons of...

...featuring a complete list of all the episodes plus the most comprehensive, up-to-date, direct links
to mostly free quality streams that you will find anywhere ...including MST3K's new site Gizmoplex!
Also includes a random episode selector!!

Featured episode of the moment - Changes daily
With more than 50 years of searching and accumulating, find out what's in...

From old to new, well known to the obscure, from hits to tunes you've never heard before,
from acoustic to metal to electronic to jazz to blues to thrash, you'll be hard pressed to find a
more eclectic selection of tunes with 3 to 5 hour playlists curated for your pleasure.

Featured song of the moment - Changes daily
Got a head full of useless information? Join us for...

Hosted in Nostromo's Pub (my chatroom at WireClub), Trivia Nights are not scheduled
to any any specific date but rather they will be announced a week or two ahead of time.
Check the page on occasion for updates or get on the notification mailing list. Playing is free
and all are welcome. Trivia page includes all the details as well as the leaderboard and stats!

My Library of Vassal Games

I've made several modules for the Vassal engine, some of which are listed here.
I'm always up for a game so if you see something you like, let me know.
Like D&D style adventure games? I'm currently looking for players to play a grand
campaign of To Be King. Scroll to the bottom of the Vassal games page for details.
The Official Hacx Site

and other Doom Projects

Files, the history and the latest news on Hacx, Banjo Software's modification of DOOM, can be found here.
You can also access the old Doom projects of STRAIN and the Nostromo's Run Project from here.

The Official Site for the  

A mod for Call of Duty: United Offensive. Free download.

Drop me a note. Your E-mail address is important. I promise to keep it private and it will not be abused.

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