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The Psychotronic Movie Review Site is Back!!

Newly renovated in 2020, it now has over 1150 quick and consise movie reviews,
a section on film Series, Sequels, Prequels & Franchises including a complete and accurate Avengers Timeline,
and still has the Random Movie Recomendation button!
Updated January 26, 2021

We have a site for all 12 seasons of...

...featuring a complete list of all the episodes plus direct links to streams for your viewing pleasure! Also includes a random episode selector!!
Updated January 26, 2021

With more than 50 years of searching and accumulating, find out what's in...

From old to new, well known to the obscure, from hits to tunes you've never heard before, from acoustic to metal to electronic to jazz to blues to thrash, you'll be hard pressed to find a more eclectic selection of tunes with 5+ hour playlists curated for your pleasure.
Updated January 21, 2021

The Official Hacx Site

and other Doom Projects

Files, the history and the latest news on Hacx, Banjo Software's modification of DOOM, can be found here.
You can also access the old Doom projects of STRAIN and the Nostromo's Run Project from here.

The Official Site for the  

A mod for Call of Duty: United Offensive. Free download.

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